I want to say how grateful I am for the amazing service, professionalism, kindness and welcoming experience I had in June 2019 at Top Dental Care in San Jose!  I would give them 10 stars out of 5, if I could!  They greatly exceeded my expectations in so many ways!  Amazing!  And who says that about dental work?  I will be going back in December to finish off a crown on my new implant.

Since I have had a lot of dental work previously in both Michigan and Florida and have had experience with multiple dentists, endodontists and oral surgeons over many decades, I had a lot to compare to.  And, I have had a few great dentists along the way.  But, the quote for this work I had in Florida was well over $10,000 to replace two failed crowns, finish an implant with a crown and place another implant etc.  I think you get the picture.  While the cost savings potential was attractive ($3,000 vs. $10,000+)  I highly value quality and compassionate care. They provided the perfect blend of truly expert clinical practice, fabulous customer service at a huge savings!  And the savings actually paid for our vacation twice over.  Definitely worth the trip. 

I will be honest to say I had fears of traveling to a foreign country, navigating the language, and entrusting my teeth to strangers, all sight unseen.  The experience began with Gene, their dental consultant picking us up at the airport and taking us to our hotel.  The next morning he shuttled me to the dental clinic a few miles away, all included as part of the dental work.  Wow!  They are actually providing concierge travel service for your dental needs.  Then, when I arrive at the clinic, I wasn’t sure what to expect?  The entire clinic had been re-modelled 6 months earlier and it was the most clean, beautiful and high-tech dental office I had ever seen.  Sparkling new, ultra clean, sterile surgical suite, the latest high-tech dental equipment, contemporary style and with smiling faces greeting you at the front desk.

All of the crown replacements, composite restorations, and implant went as expected, perfectly.  I couldn’t be more happy!  Superior clinical expertise, high-tech and beautiful clinic facility and concierge service.  Dr. Pilar Collado, Dr. Alex Wong and the whole team was wonderful to work with!  And Gene, as our dental travel consultant at Top Dental Care really made the whole experience worry free.  From the door to door shuttling to helping us navigate our first visit to Costa Rica, to explaining the panoramic x-rays, their recommendations for treatment (which BTW were exactly as my dentist and oral surgeon in Florida had indicated) and driving me to the pharmacy to pick up meds after the implant surgery I couldn’t glow enough about his kind, compassionate and helpful service to us!  10 stars on a 1-5 scale!

Michael Ebaugh

Sarasota, Florida

The difficult decision to put 20 crowns in my mouth was the best possible decision.  My teeth were 70 years old and structurally fine, but the coloration varied and the position of the teeth was diminishing my capacity to present my best say the least.  Friends in Sarasota, FL encouraged me to look at the possibility of veneers or crowns at Dr. Pillar Collado’s clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Since my company was hosting a trip to this beautiful country, I decided to go to see the dentist as well, and make up my mind after discussing the choices with her.  One of the best people who gave me information and encouragement was Eugene Mendoza, who arranges the medical tourism trips from beginning to end.  What an amazing gentleman and more than a tour guide.  In every way, Gene made sure I had the best stay possible. He stayed with me to translate at the dental clinic.  He arranged for all of the tours and transportation connections that were needed. He went out of his way to make my first stay in Costa Rica truly exceptional.  What a view of the valley at night from the outdoor patio of the Ram Luna Restaurant, which served a fabulous buffet of traditional foods as well as the music and dances of the country displayed in full costume by the local performers....even a two-man wooden xylophone!!!    Coming back to the USA with a mouth full of new white healthy teeth was a dream that is so fulfilling.  I have been extremely satisfied with the work, the professionalism, the price, the wonderful Dr. Pillar Collado and staff members and all the complements I have received on my smile.  Thank you all so much. I will never be able to forget you.  God gave me the courage to say gave me the joy I was hoping for. 

Mucho gusto, with much gratitude,


Carol Stecher

Sarasota, Florida

I highly recommend the services of Top Dental Care in Costa Rica. Doctor Alex Wong, and the entire staff made me feel comfortable and welcome. The dental procedures were carefully explained and I am very happy with the care and competence of these fine doctors. The implants I received are perfect and I will certainly return for all my dental needs. 

I want to emphasize how easy it is to visit Top Dental Care. One phone call and I was talking to someone who spoke perfect English with wide knowledge of dental procedures and travel to Costa Rica - Eugene Mendoza. He introduced me to the services and specialized skills of the doctors at the clinic and also had recommendations for flights and hotels. He gave me an estimate of likely costs, (an examination by the dentist is required for actual cost). I was met at the airport, driven to my hotel, and driven to all my appointments. I am looking forward to my next visit. 

Charles Goetz

Atlanta, Georgia

For anyone who is contemplating having dental work done in Costa Rica, I hope this information is helpful. I had a thorough U. S. examination, including x-rays. This examination resulted in a recommendation of one implant, three crowns, one root canal and the replacement of some amalgam fillings. Since I do not have dental insurance, the quote I received was not only shocking, but it was cost prohibitive for me.

I HAD to find an alternative.

Originally, when I was considering Costa Rica for my dental work, I did not know the first thing about how to go about it. One of the dentists I’m using now was highly recommended by some friends, who made previous trips to Costa Rica. Before making any arrangements, I educated myself on Costa Rica in general and the medical and dental healthcare quality. I was astonished to find out, from multiple sources, that the United States’ quality of health and dental care is not as high as I thought, compared to worldwide statistics. Then, I read another article published by a well-respected, international organization rating Costa Rica above the United States. This research helped me with my decision.

I contacted Eugenio Mendoza, recommended by a close friend. That proved to be one of the best things to happen to me for dental care and a subsequent friendship. Eugenio was prompt, courteous and extremely professional in answering my questions and giving me guidance. It was clear to me that his primary concern was for my health and welfare and not to develop business. This later proved to be a common thread for every dental professional I have had the pleasure to be in contact with in Costa Rica. His attention to detail and professionalism gained my confidence early on, which believe me, is not an easy thing to do.

I sent my dental records and x-rays to Eugenio to have a dentist review them and render a preliminary assessment/opinion. I asked for this assessment simply to determine a reasonably accurate price estimate based on my records submitted. The estimate provided was way less than half of the quote by the U.S. dentist. I made the decision to have the work done in Costa Rica and I have never looked back. Eugenio was a master at making all the arrangements for me, where I didn’t have to worry about anything. He made my dental appointments to make it convenient for me. He secured very nice accommodations at an extremely competitive price and even helped me with my transportation.

Since my dental needs spanned the various dental specialties of operative, endodontics, prosthodontics and implants, I had the extreme pleasure of meeting three different consummate professionals: Dr. Pilar Collado and Dr. Alex Wong. All of them were nothing short of amazing. They are all highly educated, extremely professional and competent clinicians, whose level of expertise and compassion was most appreciated.  After reviewing her educational credentials, awards and recognitions, I naturally expected nothing less than expert treatment and I was not disappointed. What I was not prepared for was a level of genuine care and compassion that was shown to me; beyond any I have had in my 50 + years of going to the dentist. For the first time in my life, I can actually say that I enjoy going to the dentist. From Eugenio, to the dentists, the dental assistants and the dental lab technicians, the whole process has been painless figuratively and literally. How many people can say that?

Due to the extensive treatment that I required, it was clinically indicated to divide it into two trips to Costa Rica. I built in many extra vacation days into each trip. This netted me a fantastic dental experience, with a cumulative vacation/trip total of 23 days, in one of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen. After ALL expenses and treatment, I still saved more than enough money to make it well worth it, not to mention the joy of Costa Rica. That’s not bad considering I also got to over three weeks in paradise. Now I know why Costa Rica is justifiably called the medical/dental vacation capital of North America.

Michael Roberts

Sacramento, California

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