Dental Implants Cost

Dental Implant Cost

There are certain myths about Affordable Dentistry overseas and misconceptions about quality vs cost. Because a lower price does not necessarily reflect inferior quality. Finding the best option for your dental implants can be really stressful as prices and quality may vary from office to office. The price of dental implants has a lot to do with the actual cost for the specialist (the fees), the office (rent, staff and other costs), assistants, etc. All of these factors are the ones that place the final price tag on Dental Implants. The average Price of a Dental Implant in the U.S. can go from $ 1.000 to $ 3.000 per unit. The Abutment and the Crown go from $ 500 to $ 3000. This gives an average cost of $ 4.250 per implant with the crown.

These prices make it really hard for some people to afford the restoration they need. If it goes down to one single tooth that needs to be replaced, it is not that bad but when you have to restore 3 or 4 teeth plus root canals and maybe a few crowns, the number becomes very high for some people and make it impossible to afford in the U.S. The unaffordability to address existing dental issues forces those problems to grow worse over time. The possible loss of teeth and emergency dental visits become more real as you may delay and delay. Sadly, people lose hope and the only option they have access to at the end is to pull all of their teeth and get dentures. Some of them can afford to have implant supported dentures, known as All on 4 but the number of people who can do the implants gets smaller and smaller each year.

For that particular reason more and more people are looking for options outside of the U.S. to make the restoration of their mouth feasible. A great option for those people is Costa Rica due to the fact that the cost of living is much less in Costa Rica. We can provide the highest quality products at a very low price compared to the U.S. . We have a lot of people that miss this fact and have the wrong belief that lower prices mean lower quality but this is not the case here in Costa Rica at all. Here, at Top Dental Care, we normally use ZIMMER Dental Implants made in California with the highest standards and with FDA approval. Our specialists traveled and have been Certified by the manufacturer at the ZIMMER Institute. We also use Biomet 3i and Straumann implants which are FDA approved and our specialist are certified by those manufacturers as well.

As mentioned before, the lower cost of living in Costa Rica makes the prices lower even for the highest quality products, like the Implants. Our price for Dental Implants is $ 850 per unit (price for 2017) including the doctor fees. Then, the restoration of the implant is also $ 850 including the custom made abutment and the metal free crown. The total price for the implant with the crown would be $ 1.700. Savings of $ 2.550 per implant. I would like to add that the crown is also made with FDA approved material (Zirconia) and it is all processed at an FDA registered Dental Lab with 3D software and precision milling for perfect fit in the patient's mouth. Sometimes front teeth would need to have additional correction to contour the gum and match adjacent teeth which has an extra charge of $ 150.

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